What’s the best way to get referrals?

Getting referrals should be fairly easy. Start off by promoting your link on every social media platform and educating your followers about InfluencerCash using our various Promotional Posts.
You can also try direct messaging (IG DM, Text, WhatsApp, etc) as it provides a one on one conversation.

How much do I need to cashout?

We don’t have a minimum payment amount to cashout. However, you must meet some requirements before you cash out for the first time to help prevent fraud.

How soon can I receive my payment?

We believe that getting paid shouldn’t be a hassle. Once you cash out, your payment will be scheduled, and you will recieve it immediately based on that payment schedule.

My friend signed up but I didn’t get credited?

If your friend “signed up” and you didn’t get credited, it could be do to the following: Your friend already has an account, Your referral was fraudulent, You provided the wrong referral link, They entered the wrong link, They forgot to sign up with your link.

I completed a task in the Task Wall but wasn’t credited?

After completing a task, please allow 5-10 minutes for it to register back to our system. If you still aren’t credited you either did the task incorectly by not following the directions, OR you already completed the task in the past.
If you still think it’s an error and can provide proof, please contact us

I completed a YouTube submission but wasn’t credited?

If you weren’t credited, it is due to the following reasons; You already submitted the video before, Your title is wrong, Your description is wrong

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